We don't slow down at the Academy, no matter what's in the way.

A typical morning drive to Pace culminates with the West Paces traffic, the chubby Kingswood cop, and the enigmatic , half-sideways, bumpiest-of-all-time, ridiculous, yellow speed bumps. Students and faculty alike are well accustomed to having their car bounce through this gauntlet of a driveway, all the while trying to make sure their morning frappuccino doesn’t spill all over their neatly pressed khakis and their well-worn Sperrys.

Recently, though, there was an intense construction project happening on our beloved speed-bump-ridden road that caused traffic hiccups and left many students scratching their heads in bewilderment. What was the purpose of the several construction workers digging a trench straight through the pavement that all at Pace have come to know and hate?

According to veteran Director of Maintenance Robert Wood, the construction was the result of a broken water line that was part of the heating and cooling system of the buildings on campus. Mr. Wood clarified, “Up by the Lower School there are coolant towers that take hot water gathered from the buildings down here and cool it, returning it back down to the Inman Center to repeat the process again.” An essential piece to the cooling system for Pace’s facilities, these hot and cold water lines developed a leak, leading to water loss that was evident near the bottom of the driveway. The problem has since been remedied, but the much reviled yellow speed bumps remain.

By Cal Harris, Staff Writer ’12

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