5 Minutes with Matt O’Brien

"Sorry I'm not sorry:" Matt O'Brien wins most sarcastic 5 Minutes in Knightly News History.

KN: Hey Matt, how’s it going?
MO: Good Zachary, how are you?
KN: I’m doing well, thank you. Alright, so starting things off, are you playing any sports this spring?
MO: I have been playing soccer. It’s really bad and I hate it.
KN: Really? Why?
MO: The people on the team. I’m just better than everybody else. They failed to see my talent, and I feel like the odd one out. I feel like I have a target on my back. And I ride the bench the whole game. Good use of my time.
KN: Sounds like it. So, you’ve played all four years?
MO: No, this is my second year. I started out playing golf. I got too good, then I quit and decided to play soccer. That’s how I ended up where I am now.
KN: Makes sense. What position do you play?
MO: I play right back.
KN: Oh, OK. A little defense. What do you think it will be like to play your last game as a senior?
MO: I probably won’t remember it. Everyone talks about this soccer season being the last time we’ll play competitive sports, but to me it’s just soccer. I’m sure I’ll play games sometime again in my life, even if it’s recreationally when I’m 50 years old.
KN: Very true. So, switching the topic up a bit, what are you thinking about in terms of college?
MO: I’m a little scared. I woke up the other day and I freaked out because I realized we have about five months until college. It’s a little freaky because it’s not that far away.
KN: Agreed. Do you know where you’re going yet?
MO: I have no clue. I have two choices. Waiting to hear back from Notre Dame on April 9, which is pretty bad. But we’ll see what happens.
KN: Oh, OK. Would you want to go to college with your brother Pat? Do you think that would be fun?
MO: I’ll try to keep from getting emotional. I always thought that I would go to school with Pat, and it wasn’t until this year that I thought about not going with him. There would be some growing pains. I ideally want to end up at Notre Dame, and even if I go to school with him, it’s only going to be for a year or two. He has a year abroad next year, too, so if I do end up going to Notre Dame, I’d probably only go to school with him for a year. I also think it would benefit me there, because much like at Pace, he had a core group of friends that I fit in with, and I think it would be the same way there. But, I could see myself going to school with him and not going to school with him.
KN: Sounds like you might have some tough decisions, then. What do you want to major in?
MO: Not too sure yet. Probably some type of business-art thing. I’ve been thinking about taking a gap year to clear my head straight. I want to move up North, buy a cabin in the woods. Just be Matt O’Brien for a little while.
KN: Oh, OK.
MO: But seriously, I am.
KN: Wait, really?
MO: Yes. Come on, Zach, take me seriously!
KN: My bad. What’s something interesting that most people around Pace wouldn’t know about you?
MO: Well, most people don’t know that I came in eighth grade. That was a shocker because I thought everybody knew who I was. I don’t know, Zach, what’s something you don’t know about me?
KN: Well, are you a mystery man?
MO: I’m a little bit of a mystery man. I’ve been told that before. Actually I do have something. I’m a very good dancer. People don’t know that I’ve taken dance lessons for 15 years.
KN: Wow, that is something I didn’t know.
MO: I’m a good tango dancer, I like to do the samba. Just ask the girls, they should know. Ask Claire, she knows.
KN: Alright, if you could be one person that’s living for a day, who would you be?
MO: That’s living? That’s a tough choice. So many good people. Probably Denzel Washington. That guy has swag.
KN: Yeah, he does.
MO: I mean, that guy could pull off anything he wanted.
KN: If you could be one person that’s not living for a day, who would you be?
MO: Hm. I’ll go with Salvador Dalí. I think he’s a really interesting man. Or F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’d like to think of myself being similar to him. Have a big mansion, go on big vacations, you know.
KN: Sounds good to me. If you could be an animal for one day, what type would you be?
MO: You know, I was thinking about this the other day. Everybody thinks about their spirit animal. I’d be a bear.
KN: A bear?
MO: Wait, no. I’d be a honey badger.
KN: A little Tyrann Mathieu?
MO: No, no. I mean, everybody knows I get what I want around here. I get stuff done.
KN: So, moving on, what’s it like having two brothers with you in high school?
MO: It [stinks].
KN: Really? So would you not want them to go to college with you?
MO: I mean, this year, I’ve tried a lot because me and my little brothers are not close at all. I graduate in two months and I want to have a connection with them when I leave because this is probably the last time I’ll be living in the house with them. But going back to having them in high school, it’s both good and bad because at some point in time, I want to go out and do what I want to do on Friday and Saturday nights and not bring them with me. But at the same time, I have to bring them with me because I only have so much time left. So, it’s cool that they go to Pace with me, but it has its downside. Like the fact that they make me get morning detention. It really sucks.
KN: Yeah, that’s no fun. If you could use one pick-up line on a girl, what would it be?
MO: “If I could have a nickel for every girl I see as pretty as you, I would only have five cents.”
KN: Dang, alright.
MO: I’ve used it once, didn’t work out too well.
KN: Alright, so finishing things up, if you could go out saying one thing, what would it be?
MO: Sorry I’m not sorry.
KN: Works for me. Thanks a lot, Matt.
MO: No problem.

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