With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there are a lot of fellas out there who are in desperate need of a date. Since many guys have spent previous Valentine’s Days all alone, The Knightly News staff has decided to help out those lonely guys by choosing the 2012 Most Eligible Bachelorette of Pace Academy. This year, the girl is senior Erin Blasberg, and she is ready to meet the love of her life.

After spending last Valentine’s Day by herself, Erin wants to put herself out there this year in order to find the right guy. “Who is the right guy?” you might ask. Well, Erin reveals that she wants her man to be “sensitive, but not too sensitive.” Elaborating, she said that “he’s allowed to cry softly every now and then, but if he ever starts bawling, it’s done.” Other characteristics Erin appreciates in a guy include “a hot body. I want a guy that I can’t keep my hands off of.” She went on to say that she not only wants her guy to be intellectual, but also to “look intellectual. I love the glasses look.”

If these qualities fit you, then you might be ready to take Erin on a date. When asked what her ideal date is, Erin pondered the question before answering, “I think an ideal first date would be dinner and a movie.” Specifically, she would like the movie to be “an animated Pixar movie because those are the most romantic,” and the dinner to be either “Waffle House or an Italian restaurant.” When asked if a guy can expect a kiss or more on the first date, she threatened, “Heck yeah, he’d better make a move, or there won’t be a second date.”

With this information in mind, any guy should be able to achieve the daunting task of not only asking Erin out on a date, but also impressing her. Good luck this Valentine’s Day, boys. May the best man win Erin’s hand.

By James Rushton, News Editor ’12

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