Spirit Week 2012

When it comes down to it, Spirit Week is astonishingly excessive and over the top. With students spending countless hours of time and an enormous amount of money, some may question the worth of our most valued tradition. Below the surface, Spirit Week has a lot to offer the Academy as the forces are rallied and drilled and the grades work to create their best Spirit Week production to outdo the rest.

The freshmen are always an unpredictable, highly anticipated act. This year’s selection of Austin Powers was an excellent choice for a theme. Although they were criticized for their “lewd” dancing (with reason), the above-par, all-boys dance featuring Cooper Peery and his raunchy moves definitely amused the student audience and conveyed the Austin Powers theme. However, take note future classes: keep your clothes on. The girls featured simple yet cute choreography with psychedelic costumes to brighten things up. Their end number was enthusiastic and energized which gave them a strong finish. The Class of 2015’s first attempt at Spirit Week was definitely not a failure, and they clearly have a lot of potential for the years to come.

The sophomores followed up their strong freshman performance with an original Super Mario theme. Their dances were very well rehearsed but maybe a little too simply choreographed. The sophomores’ biggest flaw was their lack of enthusiasm and excitement, which made their skit a little boring to watch. Apparently half naked boys was a recurring theme this year, making the already debatably inappropriate dance with Bowser and Peach even more awkward. It seems like the two younger classes forgot who is in the audience, like moms, dads, little siblings and grandparents. No one wants to see that. The return of a step showdown was impressive but allowed for too much downtime and diminished the already low energy level. There’s no denying that the sophomores’ banner and decorations exceeded the standards set by past sophomore classes, but they fell a little short of the expectations set with their freshman skit. Overall, the sophomores proved that they have the potential to be strong contenders in every area of Spirit Week and maybe even have the ability to surpass past Spirit Week legends.

Everyone was expecting monumental things from the Class of 2013. They’ve blown us away their freshman and sophomore years and talk a big game. Things took an interesting turn of events when the first disappointment came with their short-lived, fire hazardous decorations. Not too far behind was their also short-lived, disastrously ripped banner. As expected, their skit was creative and very well put together. Their dances were fun and you could tell they were enjoying themselves. The fairy dance led by the Fairy Godmother (Morgan Frazier) stood out in terms of choreography. Alex Pare and Miles Sheft were excellent main characters, portraying Princess Fiona and Shrek. While their skit was good, it didn’t seem to stand out like their last two have. Maybe the juniors were destined for a down year, putting them in a position to come back with a vengeance to redeem themselves their senior year.

Improvement has been the overriding theme for the class of 2012. From humble beginnings their freshman year, the senior class has continuously raised the bar with a much improved performance every year. This year, everything came together and there’s no denying that the seniors were clearly the best in every category. Their choice of atypical theme in Dr. Seuss set the stage for a groundbreaking year. The decorations were innovative and cute, some of the best the school has seen in the past few years. Hallways featuring the Grinch’s lair, the Lorax’s factory, and Horton’s forest turned the school into a magical Seussville. The skit was upbeat, incredibly choreographed, charismatic, and fun to watch. The senior’s fun choreography outdid the rest, complemented by equally as exciting songs. The boy’s parody of the Jingle Bell Rock dance from the movie Mean Girls was entertaining while keeping all clothes on. The conglomeration of “The Cat in the Hat,” “Horton Hears a Who,” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” kept things interesting and didn’t allow for a dull moment. The seniors performed with energy and enthusiasm unmatched by any other class and they reaped the benefits. It was clear that the entire grade was having a blast while performing a Spirit Week skit for the last time, which made it enjoyable to watch. The Class of 2012 ended their Spirit Week saga with a major success, pulling off a grade effort we can all be proud of.

By Claire Quintrell, Features Editor ’12

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