Such a tragedy.

Hard Work, a senior at Pace Academy, passed away peacefully at his desk early in January, surrounded by his close friends TI-83, Oxford E. Dictionary, and Pocket Constitution. He was born Aug. 21, 2008 in the Upper School building, the child of Grade P. Average and High S. Transcript. On Dec. 15, 2011, he married College Acceptance.

Hard Work was well on his way to graduating with honors before his untimely demise. He served on the Honor Council, was an officer in a number of clubs, and worked as a peer tutor during after school hours. He will be missed by his friends and teachers, Dr. Pearson, Ms. Smith, Mr. Smith, Mr. Hornor, Mrs. Hall, and Dr. Kasilus. “He was such a great student, had such great promise. It’s too bad he died before the drug lab,” remarked Mrs. Hall.

His funeral was held on Jan. 6, 2012 after a week-long celebration of his spirited life, during which each grade shared their condolences by performing a variety of interpretive dances. Hard Work still haunts the minds of Pace students and especially his teachers as the end of the school year slowly approaches. After an extensive examination, doctors have determined that the cause of death was a severe case of senioritis.

By Mariam Dvalishvili, Graphics and Design Editor ’12

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