New Years Resolutions 2012

Caroline Powers turns her words into action with a more positive outlook.

Each year, many people ring in the new year with resolutions to help them make the coming year even better than the last. These can be anything from deciding to be more adventurous to promising to stop biting fingernails. Some Pace students have resolved to make changes for 2012. Not surprisingly, a large number of the resolutions were related to academics, such as getting homework in on time or participating more in class. Junior Momo Trang said her resolution was “to not let my tiger mom boss me around so much about the SAT and ACT.” Fellow junior Katja Martin’s resolution was “to send in my scholastic art submission…which happens to be due in two days.”

Other resolutions honed in more on self-improvement. Both sophomore Wylie Heiner and senior Carter Baldovski resolved to exercise more, and senior Robin LaLone said that she would like to “eat healthier.” Sophomore Riley Muse said that she wanted to “make new friends” in 2012, and sophomore Mackenzie Attridge kept it simple with her resolution to “be nice.” This was echoed by junior Caroline Powers who declared that she would “stop criticizing people.” When faculty members were asked about resolutions, the common response was reflected by the ever-mysterious Mr. Whyte. His reaction was an ominous and reluctant refusal to answer the question.

The Hollywood world’s resolutions are somewhat more ambitious. Kim Kardashian proclaimed that she would remain single for the entire year. Miley Cyrus, everyone’s favorite Disney fallen angel, has declared she will quit smoking this year so that she can preserve her voice. “Scrubs” star Zach Braff tweeted that “my resolution is to be more like the honey badger.” Creator of “The Office” in the U.K., actor, and famously sarcastic Ricky Gervais said that his resolution was to “become even more brilliant, but it’s proving impossible.” The always dramatic and inspiring Lady Gaga stated that her resolution was “never to be afraid to get kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and bruises define your legacy.”

By Annie Armstrong, Staff Writer ’13

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