Everyday I’m Stumblin’

StumbleUpon continues to grow in popularity among students at the Academy. For those of you who are not yet “Stumblers,” the site is a “discovery engine that finds and recommends web content for its users,” according to the website. When Stumbling, one can discover new web pages, photos, and videos that are specifically targeted. “StumbleUpon filters through the vast amount of information on the web to direct Stumblers to high quality web sites which are relevant to their personal interests,” the website says.
Not only is StumbleUpon entertaining for its users, but it is also exciting for marketers because StumbleUpon uses atypical online advertising strategies. Instead of featuring ads on the sides of web pages or pop up ads, StumbleUpon shows users websites of businesses that fall under their interests. For example, if one of your interests is fashion, a fashion website may appear giving you information about certain brands or websites. Advances like these, which target content more relevant to users, has generated a growing number of Stumblers.
Since last year, StumbleUpon has doubled its user base and number of employees, and more than doubled the monthly number of Stumbles. The website has over 20 million members, and as of last July, was generating about one billion Stumbles each month. Launching of their new mobile app in Aug. 2010 helped contribute to the growth and popularity of the website.
Stumblers are able to choose from 506 different interests currently, in categories including: Arts/History, Commerce, Computers, Health, Hobbies, Home/Living, Media, Music/Movies, Outdoors, Regional, Religion, Sci/Tech, Society, and Sports. Stumblers can also save favorite pages and can like or dislike pages to tailor content even more minutely. StumbleUpon users can also be “friends” with others and see what they have liked.
By Megan Blasberg, Staff Writer ’13

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