Single on Valentine’s Day?

<3 Junior Mitch Nemeth is single this Valentine's Day <3

Being single on Valentine’s Day is often seen as a sad thing, and some may envision eating pints of ice cream while watching a Rom-Com alone. Pace students have mixed feelings about being single on the most romantic day of the year. Some, like junior John McCrea, were hopeful. “What if I’m not single on Valentine’s Day? You never know, something might happen,” he said. Junior Tiger Brown had a positive outlook on not being in a relationship, saying, “It’s not so bad because it means I don’t have to buy anybody anything.”

There were a few students who felt a little down about not having a partner to share this romantic day with, including sophomore Katie Lucke. She said, “I would prefer to have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. That way I could really take advantage of all the Valentine’s Day perks, but being single doesn’t totally ruin the holiday for me.” Junior Sajat Rabbani wasn’t about to let being single get him down. “I treat it just like every other day; people shouldn’t make such a big deal out of it.”

Despite the cliché, not many people were feeling blue about not having a special guy or girl in their life. Junior Caroline Powers gave some words of wisdom to those feeling sad about being single, saying, “You should wait until a great guy comes along and never settle. So until then, it’s okay to be single.”

By Natalie Camrud, Staff Writer ’13

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