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5 Minutes with James Seaman and Madison Synder

Knightly News: For our inaugural couple’s edition of Five Minutes you all were nominated by a lot of people. Why do you think that is?
James Seaman: Well, we’ve been together for a long time. Also, I’m a very unique person. I’m pretty interesting; I’ve got a lot of things that people would have interest in. I’m also a very open person, very frank. Madison, she’s very quiet; she’s a nice character foil for me.
KN: Wow, he’s just answering this.
Madison Snyder: Yeah, apparently.
KN: Alright then, so you said, you’ve been together a long time. How long have y’all been together?
JS: About a year and three months.
KN: So, he’s got the anniversary down, Madison. Is that right?
MS: Yep, that’s right.
KN: Okay, good. So, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. James, do you have big plans lined up for Madison?
MS: We are going to see “The Vow.” He just doesn’t know it yet.
JS: She is going to drag me to see “The Vow.” As much as I would love to spend my Valentine’s Day with Channing Tatum, if I had a choice, we would do something, you know, something classy and elegant. A nice dinner, and after that, I don’t know.
KN: Sounds lovely. So, a year in, have you met the parents, and is James’ house filled with Rooms to Go furniture?
JS: You know, we actually don’t have a single piece of Rooms to Go.
KN: Wow, sacrilege.
MS: Yeah, but we have met the parents. James is scared of my dad. He won’t admit it.
JS: I’m really not. My parents think Madison is really quiet.
MS: My parents think James is really quiet, too.
KN: Okay, so random question: Who was in your Middle School top five, and were you all friends back in the day?
MS: We were not friends. Absolutely not.
JS: We were not friends, I fought to be friends with Madison, but she gave me the cold shoulder.
MS: I really didn’t like him in eighth grade.
JS: My top five, I would have to say: Sallie, Tiffany, Alex, Annie Kate and I don’t have a fifth one. Oh, and Ellie.
MS: So exclusive. Well I was dating Carter Fiveash for a bit of middle school so I guess he must be up there. I don’t know; I don’t really remember. I didn’t really have a top five.
KN: Do you guys have any classes together? Is it ever awkward, and do you hold hands under the table?
MS: We have bio together. We don’t hold hands, but we do sit together.
KN: So Madison does gymnastics and James plays baseball. Do you all go to each other’s games?
MS: Uh, no. He did not come to a single one.
JS: Last year, I couldn’t make it to one.
MS: He went to a Braves game instead of going to, like, the state meet.
JS: That’s not true. Actually, our games overlapped so I couldn’t make it, otherwise I would have loved to see Madison in her gymnastics routine.
MS: Absolutely not. Never came.
JS: I saw many videos, and complimented her leotards.
MS: I went to one baseball game. It was really long.
KN: Nice. Do you guys ever get competitive?
JS: Yes.
MS: He does.
JS: We are competitive arguers.
MS: He likes to be right; I guess I like to be right.
KN: Word on the street is that you all bicker like an old married couple.
JS: That’s true.
MS: Very true. About anything and everything.
KN: I have been told to ask the story of how y’all started going out.
JS: Funny story, actually. We were walking on a beach in Savannah. We’d been talking for a long time, and it just occurred to me to ask her.
KN: Savannah, Georgia? Sounds romantic. (laughing)
MS: Yeah, road trip? (laughing) Okay, do you want the real story?
KN: Yes, please.
MS: You know those Tongue and Groove parties? We were both at the one on Halloween.
KN: Your anniversary is Halloween? Spooky.
MS: (laughing) So, we were upstairs, just talking and he asked me. Not that exciting.
KN: I heard that there might have been a spotlight on you guys.
JS: There might have been a spotlight…
MS: I’m not admitting to anything.
KN: Okay, well, thanks so much! Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Annie Riddell, Editor in Chief ’12

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