Sophomore Symone Sommerville hangs out with friends like sophomore Elizabeth Ratcliff in her free time. Photo: Symone Sommerville

Knightly News: Hi Symone, how are you?
Symone Sommerville: I’m good, thanks. How are you?
KN: I’m doing well, thank you for asking. So, how is life as a sophomore?
SS: It’s OK, I guess. My grades could be better (laughing).
KN: Yeah, I understand that. Are you playing any sports in the winter?
SS: Not right now. I just finished with football cheerleading, so yeah.
KN: Oh, OK. Are you not cheering for basketball this year?
SS: Nope, not cheering for basketball this year.
KN: Any reason for that?
SS: Well, I thought the season was too long and I didn’t think it was as fun as football cheerleading, so I decided not to do it.
KN: That makes sense, then. So, do you have a favorite teacher so far this year?
SS: I like Mr. Matanes.
KN: Yeah, and why is that?
SS: I’d have to say because of his funny stories in class. They’re always a nice relief from class.
KN: This is for French, correct?
SS: Yes it is.
KN: So, would that be your favorite class as well?
SS: I would say so.
KN: Cool. So you do dance, right?
SS: Yeah, I do. Three times a week from 5:30 to 9.
KN: Wow, that’s a huge time commitment. I’m pretty sure everybody knows that you are in that music video with Lil’ Wayne, too.
SS: Yes, I was.
KN: That’s actually awesome. Would you mind describing what that was like?
SS: Sure. So, we got to this place out in the middle of nowhere and I had no idea where I was going. We finally got there at like 7:00 in the morning, and we found out that we had to learn the whole dance for the video that day and they had not given us any information or anything. Then we learned and practiced the dance for the video until like 1 a.m. when we finally got to perform the dance after sitting there for hours and hours doing nothing.
KN: That doesn’t sound like too much fun.
SS: No, it wasn’t. We did get to meet him and everything, though, so it was a really cool experience.
KN: Did you get autographs or anything?
SS: No, no we didn’t.
KN: Any pictures?
SS: No, actually. Because I was so young, I had no clue who he was.
KN: Do you remember him being a nice guy?
SS: Yeah! He was actually really nice. He asked us what our names were and how we were, which was cool.
KN: Very nice. Congratulations on that, by the way.
SS: Thank you!
KN: Moving on, though, any goals for this year?
SS: Um, I’m striving to get all A’s. We’ll see, though.
KN: That’s always a good goal to have. What’s the funniest moment, so far, of your sophomore year?
SS: I think when Jeffery Jones dressed up as Ms. Tate. That was hilarious.
KN: Good choice. That was pretty funny. Kind of getting away from the topic of school, where do you see yourself in ten years?
SS: I see myself as a dance instructor or a professional dancer, because that has always been something I’ve wanted to do. I also see myself somewhere on television.
KN: Oh, alright. Would that be something like reporting?
SS: Yeah. A lot of people say I have a good voice and that I’m a good speaker, so I could see myself having a job like that.
KN: Do you sing, too?
SS: Eh, kind of!
KN: Really?
SS: Yes, I’m in chorus as well.
KN: Wow, multi-talented, I see. So, kind of a weird question: Is it strange that your dad works at Pace?
SS: I don’t think so. I only see my dad at lunch and he is kind of a quiet person. But we always say hey to each other, you know. So I don’t think it’s weird.
KN: Do you ride with him to school?
SS: Yes. I ride with my mom and my dad because my mom is a Lower School teacher. I don’t know if you knew that.
KN: I did not! That’s why we do these kind of things (laughing).
SS: Yep. She’s a kindergarten assistant teacher, and then I have my brother and sister in the Middle School. So, my whole family is here.
KN: Is that weird for you?
SS: No, not really because I don’t really see them at all.
KN: And you have two siblings?
SS: Two siblings, yes. A little brother and a little sister.
KN: Oh, OK. And Mark is in seventh grade and your sister is in eighth grade.
SS: Yes.
KN: OK. You think it will be weird when they get to high school?
SS: Yes…just because my sister is so annoying and she always likes to bug me about something. My brother is cool about that kind of stuff, though.
KN: So, when you were talking about wanting to dance later in life, would you want to stay in Atlanta or travel to do that?
SS: I would love to travel so I could see the world.
KN: What kind of dancing do you do?
SS: I do everything: hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, modern, point.
KN: Wow, that’s impressive. Are you going to try and do Cabaret this year?
SS: Yeah, I think I am.
KN: Cool. Well, good luck for then, and thank you for your time.
SS: Thank you.

By Zach Lamb, Editor in Chief ’12

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