The World Peace Café is located at 220 Hammond Drive, Suite 302, Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328

Atlanta is filled with many five-star eateries and it can be hard for restaurants to stand out as exciting and different. The World Peace, however, has managed to do just that. Located in Sandy Springs, World Peace Café can be considered one of the most unique restaurants in the Atlanta area. It is owned and operated by the Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia, a non-profit organization that introduces the Buddhist faith to the public through meditation classes, worship services, and other Buddhist practices. Most of the employees of the cafe are strictly volunteers, with all of the profits going towards classes and events “designed to help others find peace of mind,” according to their website.

World Peace Café is a vegetarian restaurant, and because I am not a vegetarian by any means, the first time I went there I was reluctant and thought I would leave disappointed. Looking at the menu, however, I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of food they offered. They had everything from pancakes to burgers, and it all looked delicious. After trying many different items on the menu, my three favorite meals there are the grilled cheese, the peace burger, and the tomato basil soup. The grilled cheese is no ordinary grilled cheese; it is made with crunchy pieces of wheat bread and delicious mozzarella. Even the peace vegetarian burger, a food I normally don’t like, is delicious. The tomato basil soup is probably my absolute favorite. It’s not too creamy and has a fresh and tasty flavor. However, the soup is homemade and is not on the menu every day, so whenever they do have it, it is a lovely surprise.

In addition to the great food, the aura of the cafe is pleasant and calming. Although it is a fairly small space, the cafe is decorated tastefully, with beautiful paintings and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I have returned many times, even if just for a scone and tea. It is also a great place to get some homework done in “peace.” I highly recommend making the World Peace Café your new favorite place to eat.

By Natalie Camrud, Staff Writer ’13

Photo: Natalie Camrud

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