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5 Minutes with Alex Paré

Alex Pare: Well hey there, how are ya, how is it going?
Knightly News: Oh, so you’re starting this off? I’m fine, thank you. How’s your junior year going?
AP: It’s going OK. It has gotten really busy lately, really.
KN: Yeah, junior year is hard. You’re on Student Council right?
AP: Yep, vice president.
KN: Oh, so you’ve got the power?
AP: Not really. Miles takes it all.
KN: I heard something about that. How is the relationship between you and the mighty president?
AP: It’s rocky, you know. But we try to keep it behind closed curtains. It’s politics, you know (laughing).
KN: Did you have anything to do with that library constitution video?
AP: I actually filmed a little bit. Actually, I didn’t. I can’t take that away from Grant. I filmed a scene and it was my idea and it was really funny and they cut it, so typical (laughing).
KN: Still a little bitter, I see. Changing the subject. Do you know what you want to be for Halloween?
AP: I don’t really know. A lot of people want to do “Mario Party,” I think. I’m not really sure.
KN: “Mario Party?” Are you a big video game fan?
AP: Actually, Wii is kind of my thing. It’s a secret passion of mine. Wii tennis. It’s how I exercise. I break a sweat, pull muscles.
KN: So do they have Wii in Poland (laughing)?
AP: You know, we’re actually a really primitive country and they have yet to develop the Wii. Completely kidding (laughing). Yeah, they have Wii.
KN: You moved to Poland in eighth grade. How was that?
AP: Yeah, first semester. It was really cold. Actually, it was really fun. I learned a lot, and I had a lot of cool friends, so it was fun.
KN: Do you still speak Polish?
AP: A little bit, but I don’t speak it at home. I still have friends. I swear I have friends (laughing)! And we talk a lot on Facebook in Polish and we go back every year, so I still speak some.
KN: Do they teach Polish at many colleges? Is that a widespread language?
AP: You know, I think they do in maybe New York and Chicago?
KN: University of Poland, if you’re looking for a safe bet.
AP: University of Warsaw definitely does (laughing).
KN: OK, so Polish university dreams aside, what do you want to be when you grow up?
AP: Oh God, I knew you were going to ask me this.
KN: So, maybe a mind reader?
AP: Maybe (laughing). OK, let’s just say the same word at the same time.
KN: What? OK, let’s just do it.
AP: No seriously. If I can read your mind, let’s say the same word at the same time. 1….2…3….(laughing)
KN: Pencil.
AP: Fork…Yeah, I don’t know if that occupation is going to work out for me.
KN: I guess not. I heard that you maybe have a future in the theater?
AP: Oh yeah, it’s really one of my passions (laughing). I don’t know if I’ll end up pursuing that but I do enjoy it in the school time.
KN: You guys have a big play coming up, right?
AP: Yeah, “Curtains” is in two weeks! It’s going to be awesome. I’m excited, but I’m exhausted.
KN: Can’t wait to see it. So, if you could skip any class, what would you skip?
AP: I sleep in all of them, honestly. I have a really big issue with that.
KN: You know this is going in the paper, right? If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would you invite?
AP: OK, someone from the Civil War.
KN: So maybe Abraham Lincoln? I heard he was kind of a big part of that.
AP: Yeah, just a little (laughing). Maybe Honest Abe.
KN: Wait, wasn’t that George Washington? Chopping down the cherry tree and all that?
AP: I hate to tell you this, but George Washington was the first president (laughing). I also want someone from 1920s America. And maybe Louis…
KN: Louis? Armstrong? The Fourteenth? From “Even Stevens?”
AP: No, like the absolute monarch or someone.
KN: Watch out Miles, this girl is trying to get some power here (laughing). OK, so what’s your favorite part of Pace?
AP: I love how small we are. I literally feel like I know everyone’s first and last names. Not to be creepy (laughing).
KN: OK, thanks so much, Alex.
AP: No, thank you.

By Annie Riddell, Editor in Chief ’12

Photos: Annie Riddell

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