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Sweet Taste of Success: Baking for Breast Cancer

Wednesday mornings the smell of pastries fills the Inman Center. Students and faculty may purchase the delicious brownies, cookies, or cupcakes for a sugar boost, while others just want to donate money to the Baking for Breast Cancer Club. Freshman Natalie Marcrum noted, “The bake sales are set up right in front of the freshman tables, so I always get a big whiff of the tasty treats. It’s a convenient snack during the day, and much cheaper than the snack bar!” Junior Zach Steinfeld (the club’s founder) said, “I started my club because I have always loved baking, and I knew that I would need a way to earn service hours.”

Photo: Sallie Hays

Freshman year Zach started planning how to make a club that centered around baking, but that could also work as a viable club for service hours. Zach said, “I chose breast cancer because a few people in my family history have had breast cancer. I also have depended on my parents for everything over the years, and I started to worry about what it would be like not to have a mom. I know breast cancer can take kids’ moms, so I wanted to raise money to try and help prevent that as much as possible.” All of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, where the club has raised a total of $3,098.61 so far.

His next step was finding a co-founder, and because he had always loved and admired junior Jenna Blumenthal’s famous brownies, he tagged her as a good partner. Between the summer of freshman and sophomore year, he worked out the logistics to starting his own club, and since then, the success of the club has skyrocketed. The approximate money raised from each bake sale averages around $350, and everybody who purchases a pastry is contributing to the cause. Students who work behind the table receive one service hour.

The baking club’s success has inspired others to raise money and awareness through baking. Juniors Jason Weiner and James Seaman have decided to start a baking club for prostate cancer, sponsored by Mr. Canfield. This club will be very similar to Zach’s, but for a different cause. Zach’s simple idea to bake for service hours has grown into something much larger than he expected. Zach “is very proud of the club’s success, and hopes to spread the word by making T-shirts, incentives to bring food to the sales, and rewards for buying things.” Jason hopes “that the bake sale for prostate cancer will be just as popular as the bake sale for breast cancer!”

By Sallie Hays, Staff Writer ’13

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