Cribs: Senior Cellar

Since its inception, the Senior Cellar has been a refuge for the Academy-weary seniors who need a place to crash. The shouting, swearing, (super) smashing, and relaxing are all perennial hallmarks of the sacred space. This summer, however, major changes were made to the cellar. An elaborate Mayan-style medallion now dominates one wall, while another wall sports senior Matt O’Brien’s spray-paint art. Many hands went into the upgrades. Seniors Claire Quintrell and Eric Estroff cleaned the enormous mess left by the previous class at the end of last school year, and countless others helped plan, design, and paint the senior sanctuary.

The cellar’s furniture was also updated, including new chairs, tables, and couches. The senior class paid for a new black leather couch because last year’s seniors left lice-infested couches (some best class ever, right?). Parents of some seniors funded the purchase of new tables and chairs, as well as a new coffee machine.

While everyone agrees that the couch is a fantastic addition, many feel that there needs to be a second couch. Senior Frances Fuqua said, “The coffee machine helps me function, and the couch is very comfortable, but often is occupied.” Overall, however, seniors are pleased with the upgrades.

Apart from the new furniture, the Class of 2012 is having to get accustomed to being removed from the main Inman Center hullabaloo. Last year, the junior couches added a small element of separation, but being behind closed doors is a new experience. Senior Erin Blasberg said, “I like that we have our own space, but I sometimes feel sort of isolated.” Regardless, seniors are reaping the benefits of the beloved N64, the well-worn foosball table and the hours and hours of Jerry Springer, “Maury,” Steve Wilkos, and the crowd favorite, “Cheaters.” There is no doubt that the Senior Cellar is, and always will be, one of the best perks of being kings of the Academy.

By Cal Harris, Staff Writer ’12

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