They Saved the Best for Last: S E N I O 12 S!

A groggy assembly of Pace freshmen, sophomores and juniors were jolted awake by the Class of 2012’s energetic ascendancy to their senior throne. After three long years of waiting for their chance to parade down West Paces and into the Academy, the seniors did not hold back.

The 86 seniors stormed into the FAC as the beat of “Disco Pogo” thudded in the background. “My ears were still ringing [that] night,” said senior Robbie Reynell. Many teachers praised the seniors’ enthusiastic entrance. Twelfth grade class dean Mr. Hall said, “I was overall impressed with the seniors; in spite of awkward senior entrances that for whatever reason happen every year, I’m still impressed.” Mr. Day said that “the first day was well-orchestrated” and was pleased with the fact that “they had their celebration and then got to work,” setting an example for the rest of the classes. This example set by a hard-working class is not an accident. The Class of 2012 holds the record for taking more AP classes than any previous graduating class. “I’ve really enjoyed my years in the high school and I wouldn’t have changed anything about them,” senior Jenna Mitchell said. “That being said, the work has grown increasingly harder and more demanding, but I’m excited to see how the work ultimately pays off.”

Their Mayan calendar-themed T-shirts, proclaiming “They saved the best for last,” were “really cool and different than any I had ever seen before,” according to junior Mitch Nemeth. The origins of this apocalyptic theme come from the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which lasts 5,125 years and ends on Dec. 21, 2012. There are also many depictions of the world ending in ancient inscriptions due to the galactic alignment, ending planet Earth as we know it because of a nasty collision with a black hole called the “Nibiru collision.”

The senior cellar was also decorated in this theme, with a large Mayan-style medallion counting down the number of days until graduation and, if the Mayans were indeed right, the world’s imminent doom. The Class of 2012 has had a strong start to their last year of high school, and possibly to the last year of their lives…

By Annie Armstrong, Staff Writer ’13

Photo: Jonathan Webster leads the crowd. Credit: Mr. Bob Webster

Check out the full gallery of pictures here: http://gallery.me.com/rjwebby#101076

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