New Student Leaders Bring Plenty of New Ideas

With every new year at Pace Academy, there comes a new round of elected leaders to guide the student body through the eventful and exciting process called school. Seniors Zeena Lattouf (Student Body President), Eric Estroff (Student Body Vice President), Hayley Kahn (Student Body Secretary), and Grant Kelly (Student Body Treasurer) are now entrusted with that responsibility. From organizing school events to managing various budgets, the Pace Student Council is always working behind the scenes to make the Upper School experience more enjoyable. However, some students of the Academy may be wondering, “What is the Student Council going to do for me this year?” The Knightly News spoke with some of the student body leaders to find out more about their plans.

Zeena was very excited to talk about her ideas. “First and foremost,” she explained, “we plan to revitalize the class boards.” Each class has their own bulletin board located throughout the Upper School building and Inman Center where students can put up pictures, artwork, or news that concerns members of that class. Zeena said, “The Student Council wants these boards to be a place where each class can express themselves and see what is going on. Right now, the boards seem very boring to us and we want to change that.”

Next on the list is a major focus for Student Council this year: Pace dances. In the past couple of years, attendance has been lacking at Pace-sponsored dances. Zeena promised that “dances will be revitalized this year.” Instead of having four dances (as in previous years), the Student Council has scheduled only three in an attempt to get more students to show up. Zeena added that “because there are only three dances this year, we have a little more money to spend on a new DJ and decorations.” Eric proposed “that we have the Homecoming dance outside this year (as in under a tent) because we have more money to spend on the dances.” Zeena wants everyone to come out because “dances are going to be crazy this year.”

Cabaret is also a big topic of discussion for the new Student Council. Zeena said, “Get ready for a really big and exciting Cabaret this year.” The council wants to integrate acts not only from Pace, but from other schools as well. Eric said, “We want the FAC to be packed this year so we can really show off what we have in terms of acts.”

Another item on the agenda is the brand new Library Constitution. Zeena said, “With this new constitution, the library will be a better environment to learn in. The rules will not be more strict, rather they will just be more well-defined.” Students will be able to talk in certain areas, the Silent Study Room will remain, and food or drink will still not be allowed in the library.

Student Council members are enthusiastic about working hard to improve this year for the student body. Zeena said, “Every week, each Student Council member has to come [to the Student Council meetings] with three new topics to present. We thought this would really help generate beneficial ideas for this year.”

Photo: Zach Lamb

By Zach Lamb, Co-Editor-in-Chief ’12

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