Every year, the Upper School is exposed to a fresh crop of wide-eyed Middle School graduates. New to high school and its ways, these novices have quite a bit to learn. With their naivete, every freshman class brings something different to the Upper School. The question is: what will the Class of 2015 bring to the table? Their enormous class size is uncharacteristic for Pace and makes their presence even more evident. From athletics to academics to the arts, this freshman class has much to offer.

Freshman fall sports standouts including softball pitcher Lane Dikeman, cross country phenoms Mark Grenader and Hannah Kelly, competitive cheerleader Jayla Ellis, and football studs Kevin Johnson and Braylin Robinson are already turning heads. The freshmen are making a splash in the theater realm as well, with 11 roles in the Fall Musical belonging to the ninth grade. Freshman Caillin Cooke has already starred in Upper School theater as the lead in the musical “Annie.” Teachers agree that, as a whole, this class is one of the most naturally talented in the classroom as well.

Usually, a good measure of freshman class potential is the retreat at the beginning of the year. This year, peer leaders came home raving about this “unique” class. Peer leader and senior Naomi Guillaume said, “We were a little apprehensive at first, but they turned out to be so much fun and great kids to hang out with.”

The freshmen have actually come up with their own motto that they think describes themselves: “Outgoing, United, Original.” Freshman Dean Tricia Anderson seemed to agree. She said, “They’re going to replace the Class of 2011 as the best class ever. Don’t get me wrong, they will take four years to do it, but they’ll get there.” So, freshmen, the expectations are high and the school is watching – let’s see what you’ve got.

By Claire Quintrell, Features Editor ’12

Frosh by their table.

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