With so many extracurricular activities at Pace, most students have trouble getting outside of the Pace community and involving themselves in programs that are not affiliated with school. However, there are always exceptions. Juniors Adam Ellender and Morgan Frazier, and senior Jessica DiOrio all find interesting things to do outside of Pace, either during the school year or during the summer.

Since he began whitewater kayaking six years ago at Camp Mondamin, Adam goes kayaking as often as he can. Adam’s most memorable trip was when he went to South America last winter, where he kayaked “some of the biggest rapids I had ever seen” with a program known as the Alzar School. Adam also kayaks with friends and sometimes on his own. There are two types of whitewater kayaking, creek boating and playboating. Creek boating is more technical and is usually done on a narrower river, while playboating is more of a freestyle type of kayaking that focuses on doing tricks. Adam usually does playboating.

Like Adam, Morgan is out on the water when she is doing her favorite extracurricular, but instead of kayaking, she rows. Morgan rows on the Chattahoochee River six days a week with the Atlanta Junior Rowing Association off a dock in Roswell. She got into rowing because one of her friends decided to do it. Morgan thought it would be a unique thing to do, and now she loves it. Morgan rows competitively and says that her “favorite competition is definitely Southeast Regionals. It’s the biggest regatta before Nationals and the competition is intense but super fun.”

Jessica DiOrio finds time for her extracurricular activity during the summer rather than the school year. For three summers, Jessica traveled to Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii with a group called Moondance Adventures. On the trips, she went whitewater rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, and backpacking. The trips were long and the groups were without cell phones and showers for weeks at a time. Moondance trips take campers all over the world to some of nature’s most spectacular places on Earth. Seniors Laney Gaskin and William Smith and sophomore Camille Smith have also gone on Moondance trips.

Photo: Junior Adam Ellender rides the waves.

Source: Adam Ellender

By James Walsh, Staff Writer ’12

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