5 Minutes with Zeena

Knightly News: Hey, Zeena. How’s it going?
Zeena Lattouf: Pretty good, pretty good.
KN: So, our first five minutes of every year is designated for the student body president. How are you liking your new job?
ZL: It’s exciting, because in my speech last year I promised I would be everybody’s voice…
KN: Yeah, that was a pretty inspiring speech.
ZL: I know [laughing]. So anyways, I really do want to go through with that and have the Student Council make sure that we really do bring through the suggestions that come to us.
KN: So what’s the best suggestion you’ve ever gotten?
ZL: Like, in all my years on Student Council? The most recent suggestion I got was from Mr. Day actually, and it’s the most interesting one I’ve ever gotten. It’s this idea of having a culture month at Pace and celebrating all the different cultures that kids at Pace are from. We really want to try to learn a little bit more about them and go a little deeper than just someone telling us what’s going on in, say, Pakistan. We could really learn more about each other.
KN: So, you really want to get to know the student body, but what do you want the student body to know about you?
ZL: I want people to know that I’m really approachable, and if they ever want to come and suggest anything to me or just come to talk about Pace or just talk about anything, really — life, whatever. I want to know as many people at Pace as possible.
KN: So, senior year. How does it feel to be in the last year at Pace?
ZL: It’s bittersweet. I really like this year the most because I like my classes but I just know that I will be so sad second semester. At the same time, I’m excited because it’s really fun to finally be THE seniors and get all our senior privileges. But in a way, I’m kind of dreading the end because I know it’s going to be an emotional storm.
KN: So, you seem to do everything. Do you do anything else people wouldn’t know about?
ZL: I work with a foundation called ArtReach Foundation which helps children who have been affected by war or natural disasters to get over the traumatizing aspects of their lives through art.
KN: Wow, that’s amazing. Now time for the lightning round: favorite type of candy?
ZL: I don’t like candy.
KN: Favorite teacher?
ZL: Noooo, there are too many.
KN: Worst Halloween costume?
ZL: [Laughing] Bride, when I was five years old.
KN: Wow, you were a child bride for Halloween? That’s a little disturbing. So, do you relate to Xena the Warrior Princess? I know that your campaign slogan last year was Zeena the Warrior President. That’s genius.
ZL: In a way, I guess. The one thing is that I always wonder when people are going to stop calling me that, like when the younger generation won’t know it existed? It makes me sad, so I’m kind of cherishing it as long as I can.
KN: Where will we see you in 10 years?
ZL: I’m going to go into international business, so you’ll see me working somewhere in the Middle East, but I want to live in the U.S. But I’m definitely going to do good things for the Middle East.
KN: You’ve got some big dreams.
ZL: Yeah, I really do.
KN: It’s the first month of high school for the freshmen, which can be kind of overwhelming. You obviously made it through. What’s your advice for the freshmen class?
ZL: Have a blast from the beginning and cherish every moment. Wait, that’s cheesy. Don’t say that. Don’t get stressed out by the work load. If you study to learn you will learn more and have more fun along the way. Get as involved as you can, because the more involved you are, the better time you have.
KN: Truth time, what’s your most embarrassing moment?
ZL: At Pace? I don’t know. I don’t really get embarrassed. Give me a second. I’ll find something. Got it. Sixth grade I was playing tag with [seniors] Zach Lamb and Cameron WInders in a three way tag thing — horrible idea. I was trying to get Cameron and somehow I fell and ate it right into one of those giant columns in the Middle School. As I was waking up I felt my eye and felt my hand go up higher and higher. When I put my hand down, everyone shrieked at the same time. I looked like a cartoon.
KN: Well, thanks for sharing, Zeena.
ZL: Wait, you have to add that I looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame.
KN: You just really want the public to know that? Okay, then. Thanks for your time!
ZL: Thanks!

By Annie Riddell, Co-Editor-in-Chief ’12


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