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Let the “Curtains” Rise

Each year, students and parents alike anticipate the popular Pace fall musical. This year the show is “Curtains,” which is set in Massachusetts at the end of the 1950’s. The plot centers around the murder of an actress on the opening night of her show. A detective with a penchant for musical theater is assigned to the case, and the mystery begins. The musical was nominated for eight Tony awards, with actor David Hyde Pierce winning the award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. “Curtains” opened on Broadway in March 2007 and ran for 15 months.

“This is one of my favorite plays we’ve done, mostly because of how funny and slightly inappropriate it is,” said junior Megan McCurry. Megan plays the late actress’ understudy, a naive ingenue. The comical plot allows for the actors to have a lot of fun. “I like my character, because in one scene I get to pretend to be dead!” said freshman Caillin Cooke.

Another defining characteristic of this show is the number of freshmen involved. These 11 freshmen make up roughly one third  of the 32-person cast. Although they are new to the high school, most are anything but new to theatre. In fact, they have all been in a production at least once before. Despite their experience, they admitted that approaching the fall musical as a high schooler is different. “Now it feels like I belong here more. I know almost everyone in the cast, and I see Mrs. Barrow-Titus every day for chorus. It feels like I’m a member of the club and not intruding on them,” said freshman Rebecca Husk.

“This play is really funny, and it has a lot more dancing than usual,” said junior Alex Pare, who plays the murdered actress. “It’s also got some lively, fun, jazzy music,” she added. Cast members agree that the best parts of the show are the dry humor throughout and the numerous exciting dance numbers. “Curtains” opens on Thursday, Nov. 10, with four performances through Sunday, Nov. 13.

The cast is working hard

By Annie Armstrong, Staff Writer ’13

Photos: Neil Bainton

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