Students Comment on Stress and Anxiety Speaker

Students usually walk through the FAC doors on Wednesday mornings expecting to use the long assembly time to catch up on some much needed sleep or to finish homework, since only a few assemblies attract genuine interest. The assembly on stress/anxiety on Oct. 19 was not one of those few exceptions. Most students experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis because of their rigorous academic and extra curricular schedules, so it was no surprise that student expectations were high for this particular assembly. However, not only did the speaker lack an interesting stage presence, but she only relayed information that was already common knowledge to most. The photos and illustrations in the PowerPoint, and possibly the prospect of missing class, were perhaps the only truly compelling aspects of the presentation. During the Q&A, she reiterated the majority of her presentation, spinning the same facts but using different wording. Overall, she appeared to be aware of the point of the presentation, but she did not appear to have much expertise, due to her lack of more specifics and her hesitancy in answering some of the questions.

Below are selected opinions submitted to The Knightly News from Mr. Carson’s sophomore English class:
“I thought this morning’s assembly was a bit bland and boring. She taught what she knew but when people started asking questions I felt she wasn’t sure she knew what she was talking about. She also didn’t really pull in her audience with information that we would really be interested in knowing. I thought she could have been more interesting and more informative.” — Kate Morrisroe

“The speech on anxiety was not informative or helpful. She told us what we know already and wasn’t very detailed in her presentation. It would have been more interesting if she had shown us techniques on how to relieve stress and anxiety instead of just telling us. She also only told us the same techniques for everything. She didn’t elaborate on her slides. She just kinda read through them without telling us what things meant.” — Mackenzie Attridge

“I found it somewhat predictable, boring, and only mildly useful. Our speaker pretty much told us a bunch of things that we already knew: of course, sleep and deep breathing help us calm ourselves. It’s not really rocket science. Truthfully, I fell asleep during the assembly, and I think that my short power nap helped me more than the assembly.” — Tommy Burruss

“I thought the speaker was helpful because she gave us different ways to help with our anxiety. Since I am on the Student Advisory Board, we thought the students could get some advice from the speaker to help with their stress, but hearing all of the different responses, maybe it was not a good idea.” — Symone Sommerville

“There are better ways to get the message out about relieving stress. PowerPoint assemblies in the morning with a monotone speaker probably isn’t the best way.” — Pate Hardison

“I thought the assembly this morning wasn’t very exciting. I feel as though we already knew everything she was saying. I also feel like she did not know what she was talking about because she used the PowerPoint more than she actually spoke.” — Coco Schiffer

“Though I missed half of the assembly this morning daydreaming of my own personal business, I found the parts of her speech that I did hear very intriguing. She gave good answers to all of the many questions asked. So for those who needed the help, she was probably a wonderful speaker, though just as good for those who needed more time to catch up on missed sleep.” — Tripp Conrad

“In my opinion, the stress/anxiety assembly was not worthwhile. She simply stated what most of us already know. In all honesty, it was a little on the boring side. Though I do not want Pace to stop allowing these assemblies, I would rather have them on a more entertaining topic.” — Jared Datoc

By Mariam Dvalishvili, Graphics and Design Editor ’12

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