Prom is an essential part of the high school tradition. It is one of the few things that people remember about high school – who they went with, who got in trouble, who had the absolute worst dress (not to mention one of the biggest high school clichés). So how did this year’s Prom measure up? Held at the hip Mason Murer Art Gallery, the big open space with (over)priced art created an electrifying atmosphere. Students were greeted by the firm handshakes of Mr. Gannon and Mr. Hornor, and the night started off resembling the classic Pace dance. Most people didn’t show up until a little later in the evening. Junior Ricardo Goellnicht said, “The mood started out a little slow, but then it got intense when everyone got there and started dancing.” Junior Alex Miller added, “The art provided a nice distraction while things got going.”

But rest assured, when it did get going, the night took off. The DJ made excellent song choices and kept people dancing the majority of the time. Junior Jessica DiOrio said, “The DJ was bumpin’…I thoroughly enjoyed the selection of fun songs to dance to, both old and new.” When asked what their favorite part of Prom was, Senior Zach Gibson said, “raging on the pedestals. I genuinely had a great time dancing up there to those sick beats.” However, Junior Hayley Shoji had a slightly different take. She said, “It was a good time, but nothing really stood out.” Seniors Campbell Malik and Sarah Patterson thought it was “extraordinary” and wanted to point out “the awe-inspiring, alternative bathrooms and sinks.”
Prom is usually the envy of all underclassmen except for the few lucky enough to go. Freshman Kate Morrisroe admitted, “I was nervous at first, but I ended up having a fantastic time.” It appeared that Prom was enjoyed by all across the board, and senior Josh Swan disclosed that “Yes. This year’s Prom was better than last year’s.” Junior Carter Baldovski summed it up by saying, “Prom was amazing – all the drama was worth it.”
By Claire Quintrell, Staff Writer ’12
Photo: Lifetouch

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