Caption: Top left: Jon Allen models with other students at Emerson. Top Right: Daisy Kim shows off her native flag amongst others at International Vibe. Bottom Left: Laynie Becker learns some equestrians skills at Vassar. Bottom Right: Emily Kaplan gets a tour around Princeton for Freshman Orientation.

As we send off the Class of 2011 into the big wide world, KN wondered what previous Pace graduates have been doing since graduation day. How is college? What can seniors expect? Luckily, some loyal veterans of the Academy were willing to share some of their stories and achievements with the Knightly News.

If any word describes the Class of 2010, it would be “involved.” So many of them participate in clubs, sports, arts, and leadership positions; they are obviously making an impact on their college environments. Past senior class president Jon Allen was president of his freshman class at Emerson College this year and was recently reelected! He has been modeling and was on the cover of EM Magazine, a college magazine run by students. Also a member of student government, Andrew Longhi kept Dartmouth freshmen on budget as treasurer of his class.
Past Knightly News Section Editor Sam Colt is the Features Editor for The Kenyon Collegian, which is quite a feat for a freshman. He also received the P.F. Kluge Collegian Fund Award for his writing. Former KN Co-Editor-in-Chief Laynie Becker tried a new sport at Vassar College by joining the polo team in the fall. (She has since switched to the equestrian team.) Laynie said that she loves Vassar, and freshman year has been “great.” At Boston University, Nicholas Nezhat has continued to work with Invisible Children, joining the “Invisible Children National Awareness” organization. Grace Alexander has set personal records swimming at Rollins College, achieving a shocking 11:05 in the 1000 meter freestyle event and a 5:27 in the 500 meter freestyle. Jack Harris is the president of his fraternity pledge class at Princeton, participates in club lacrosse, and sings with The Princeton Footnotes, a group of 16 a cappella singers.
Former Pace performers are continuing to shine in college. Daniel Dodson is a member of the chorus at the University of Miami. He is also a member of the Mock Trial Law Group, competing with universities around the country. Nicole LeClair sings with the Trinity College Choir. She also mentors youth at the M.D. Fox Elementary School in Harford, Conn. Jordan Gonzalez has been impressing music aficionados with his musical talents at Tulane’s local venues.
Daisy Kim is an American University Diplomat, a member of the AU Korean Student Association, and is on the International Student Leadership Team. This bright young student is also on the Dean’s List, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and got admitted into the University Honors Program. As far as college goes, Daisy described American University as “amazing. There are so many resources and opportunities even for a freshman like me; it’s actually much better than I expected.” Similarly, Julia Berger exclaimed, “College is awesome, and it rose above my expectations.” She attends Ole Miss and is very involved in the social realm of college. She advises everyone to get involved to have the best experience. “You meet a bunch of people in college and are asked to go to many events,” said Julia, adding that there are many opportunities to get involved. She also noted that college is a big place, so come prepared. “I have gone to some wrong classes and had to awkwardly leave in the middle. I was really embarrassed until I heard it happens to a lot of freshmen.”
Fortunately for Pace students, Pace is known for preparing students well for college. Matt Hickey commented, “I room with a Westminster grad, and I can say that Pace kids are much more prepared, both socially and academically, for college than any other private school in Atlanta.” Matt has been taking care of business, getting heavily involved in the business programs at Georgetown University. “College, especially as a Business School student at Georgetown, is unbelievable… shaking hands, meeting, and networking with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse executives and recruiters at 19 years old is just one of the many rewards for putting in the work.” He described the academic rigor as competitive, and explained, “It is solely on you to do really well in school. A lot of independence comes with going to college, both socially and academically.” He added that he misses the Pace community and “Mr. Gannon yelling at me for various things or just yelling to say ‘hi.'”
Harman Lindsey has had one of the most trying college experiences. He attends the United States Military Academy at West Point and has gone through some serious hardships as a freshman. “It’s the Military Academy. I get my ass kicked as the new guy. It’s what I expected.” He is training to become an officer and plans to get commissioned eventually. He said, “You do meet some great people (not everyone) and get some of the best friends you’ll ever have. You will have the best stories to tell when you get home.” Although the first days were difficult, Harman said, “It gets better over time. The first day is supposed to be one of the worst.” The shock of hard core discipline convinced around 70 new recruits to quit after the first day.
Another future member of the armed forces is Taylor Johnson. “He will be leaving to join the Air Force in a couple of days,” according to Ms. Meyring.
This is just a glimpse at all the amazing things Pace graduates have been achieving. One might predict the Class of 2011 will follow in their grand footsteps, but it’s can be said with confidence that Pace students have a bright future ahead of them.
By Taylor Esler, Staff Writer ’12

Photo Credit: Taylor Esler

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