Sarah Patterson (@spattycake) cracks up Kate Hornor with her latest hilarious tweet.

You may have heard some words in the halls lately that you don’t understand: “I just tweeted about it.” “Did you see my twitpic?” “It was hilarious, I retweeted it.” If all of this Twitter talk is making you feel left out and confused, you’re not alone. But one thing is for sure, Twitter is sweeping the Academy. There are Pace tweeters across every grade that are coming out with some of the funniest things on the internet.

Twitter is one of the most misunderstood social networking sites on the internet. Most people assume that everyone on Twitter is typing up 140-character descriptions about every mundane moment of their lives. That assumption could not be more wrong. My Twitter newsfeed (@riddellmethat) is filled with hilarious and sometimes (alright rarely) thought provoking observations from those people I follow about the laugh-out-loud situations in their day-to-day lives. 

Many people, when asked what they think about Twitter, cite its “pointlessness.” Senior Greg Lambert said that he thinks that Twitter is basically “Facebook without everything. It’s antisocial and antipersonal.” However, junior Brandon Stoll (@BStoll24) said that he doesn’t even check his Facebook anymore, as Twitter makes it “easier to communicate with people.” Senior Sarah Patterson (@spattycake) says that she initially joined Twitter so she could follow Taylor Swift, but was quickly won over by “hashtagging,” a Twitter-specific feature that allows one to see specific phrases or words that are being frequently mentioned by people across the country.

Twitter allows for faster dissemination of information, unprecedented by Facebook. In an informal poll, all of the students who have both Facebook and Twitter said unequivocably that Twitter is the more enjoyable social networking site. As senior Billy Selmon (@BSelmon002) put it, “It’s more entertaining and funnier than Facebook.” Although many people have written off Twitter as a silly and self involved social network, you should at least take a look and see what everyone is talking about.
By Annie Riddell, Staff Writer ’12
Photo Credit: Annie Riddell

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