The 2010-2011 Knightly News staff produced great work and had lots of fun doing it.

When anyone enters The Knightly News staff room, they can find student journalists feverishly typing away on their computers, perfecting every word of their article, or meticulously editing their peers’ work. One may also find journalists bolting out the door, attempting to hunt down their next interviewee or snap the perfect photo to complement their next piece. The staff is comprised of unique students who all contribute something different to the newspaper, whether that is sharing their views on political and economic issues, or discussing upcoming events at Pace Academy.

Each journalist identifies two topics upon which to write their two monthly articles, and the writers have about a week for each article to be completed before they submit them to the Knightly News Conference to be edited by two of their fellow classmates. A video can also count as an article, and these are posted on the Knightly News website, as are other articles that may go directly online. (All articles are eventually posted on the website.) 

The articles are typically placed in one of five different sections. These include: Front Page, Pace News, Interest, Sports, and Opinion. Once articles have been edited by the staff and looked over by the editors and the faculty adviser of The Knightly News, Mrs. Wilson, those articles are cleared for layout. The editors-in-chief, seniors Arthur Omilian and Jared Wasserman, and the section editors, juniors Mariam Dvalishvili, Simon Wu, and Jonathan Webster, begin the long and stressful task of completing the layout of the newspaper before its deadline, which is usually towards the end of each month. Though it is a tight fit, the editors always manage to make it look fabulous and get it done just in time. 

However, being a part of the Knightly News is not just about hard work. It is also about knowing how to have a good time. The staff had fun at a retreat at the beginning of the year at the Wassermans’ lake house, took a trip to the University of Georgia to participate in a student journalism conference, and enjoyed hearing from guest speakers who are career journalists. The staff have thrown the occasional pizza party, and always know how to have a good laugh. Being a part of the Knightly News staff has been very memorable, and the staff members of the Class of 2011 will be greatly missed. “We were down to get down this year!” exclaimed senior Nabeel Kalla.

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