The Class of 2011.

On April 29, 2011, the Class of 2011 will take the last high school class of their lives. Two weeks later, this class will enter the ranks of the alumni of Pace Academy. A class known for their academic accolades, athletic superiority, artistic supremacy, and theatrical excellence, will leave a magnificent legacy in the annals of Pace Academy history. This grade will be remembered for their brilliant displays in the classroom, after school, in the community, and in athletics.

This extraordinary group of seniors has demonstrated their ability to lead in a number of ways. The class consists of at least six future Ivy League students, a Pace record three winners of the top prize in the National Merit Scholarship competition, and a number of other students who will receive scholarship opportunities from their desired colleges due to their impressive high school performance. This grade boasts 24 service leaders, each participating in their respective projects from freshman year.
Pace Academy has done a magnificent job in preparing the Class of 2011 to reach their maximum potential so that they may succeed at any college they attend. This is a class consisting of students who have pushed themselves to their limits by taking on an insane workload in order to succeed here at the Academy. This class has shown unparalleled dedication to their school, their teams, and most importantly, their classmates. In a year where student cooperation and group unity was necessary, this grade has come together to prove that they are the greatest class Pace Academy has ever seen.
Now, as senior year comes to a close, amidst the hustle and bustle of spring sports and senioritis, this senior class has grown even closer. At the beginning of senior year, the class found out that uniting together around a common goal was more difficult than anticipated. Designing the T-shirt that would define their first day at Pace Academy was one of the toughest tasks they had ever taken a crack at. Despite many people voicing very strong opinions against the Adidas slogan, the grade overcame their differences and eventually settled on the famously worn black shirt with the neon colors.
As classes wind down, the seniors have used that first victory as a stepping stone towards not only their own individual success but also the grade’s collective success. With graduation around the corner, this class has made their mark on Pace Academy history. This grade is and always will be the greatest, most unified class to ever attend this prestigious school.
By Nabeel Kalla, Staff Writer ’11

Photo Credit: Lee Wilson

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