The Knightly News caught up with the dedicated art students as they prepared to present their work in the Advanced Art Studio and Independent Study shows which opened on April 20.

This year Mr. Bloodworth had eight students in his Advanced Art Studio class: seniors Julia Allen, MacKenzie Barratt, Claire Dillon, Lauren Hart, Elizabeth Hill, Dain Lee, Jordan Peery, and Lauren Quin. This is always an important show for these artists. The students were asked how they were feeling during the stressful last week stretch. “Everyone is behind, not mammothly, but definitely behind,” stated a flustered Claire. “We’re all coming in during the weekends, during our frees, and after school.”

The artists comprised a very diverse group. Jordan’s focus was fashion design. She commented, “All of my stuff is related to fashion. I’m going to have paintings, sketches, water colors, and three outfits.” She shared how she gets her inspiration, saying, “I read a lot of fashion blogs. I focus on street style: what is wearable and what women like to wear.” Once Jordan graduates she plans to work in the fashion industry. “I’m going to Emerson, so I will probably major in marketing with a fashion concentration. Right now, I’m actually interning for a costume company based in Atlanta, so I’m very excited about that.”

When students were asked what they valued the most about the Advanced Art Studio class, Jordan said, “It has allowed us the freedom to pursue what we really like to do.” Claire added, “I’d never been able to be in a painting class before, so I learned a lot about the basics of painting: building a canvas, the different types of paint, etc.” MacKenzie said that she enjoyed having a dedicated time set aside to do what she really loves to do. “It’s an amazing stress reliever, too,” laughed Lauren.

France Dorman’s talented photographers also presented their work in the Independent Study show. This year he had three artists presenting: seniors McKenzie Berezin, Jordan Peery and Sage Roberts. That makes two shows for Jordan. She said, “It’s definitely a lot of work, but worth it. For my photos I use all fabrics, so I think that relates to my interest in fashion.” McKenzie likes using models in her photos. “Jordan Peery is my main model; we usually go to parks or maybe train tracks, places like that.” McKenzie works only with film. She said, “I just like working with film better. I think it’s easier and more hands-on.”

Mr. Rick Berman had two potters presenting in the Independent Study Show: seniors James Abbott and Zach Gibson. “Ceramics is a wonderful hobby. It is such a great emotional outlet for me,” shared Zach. “I just love being able to sit down with a hunk of clay, and know that I can mold it into whatever my heart desires. It’s wonderful.”

The show was impressive. All of the artists clearly put a lot of hard work into their projects, and their efforts were well received.

By Olivia Lewman, Staff Writer ’11
Photo Credit: Lee Wilson

Senior Jordan Peery discusses her work at the show on April 20.

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