Sauvez la planète!


With our Isdell Center for Global Leadership Showcase this week, I’m finally adding a link to the videos 8th grade students created last semester at the end of our unit about the environment. Public Service Announcements to motivate people to make change.


Describing your classroom

French A 6th graders reviewed classroom vocabulary and prepositions of location today by describing crazy classroom scenes to partners who had to draw the descriptions they heard.




6th graders got ready for tomorrow’s quiz by working in 3 different rotating stations today.

  1. Correct the homework, quiz review, flashcard work
  2. Jumbled sentences to unscramble
  3. Eiffel Tower Review Game

Au fitness

French C Honors students have been learning about health and body parts.  We are lucky enough to have a PE teacher and physical trainer who hails from France, so we headed to the weight room for a workout en français.  Merci Clément!

Honors French C gets back to school with LES MONSTRES!

We have started off the year working on speaking ALL FRENCH ALL THE TIME in class through a variety of partner activities sharing information that only one partner has.  We’ve also been learning body parts and drawing and describing monsters.  Today we are practicing body parts and adjectives with a series of monster pictures that students must describe to a partner who then locates each specific monster on their own sheet (monsters scrambled).  Hearing a lot of good French from this group!  Bravo!

les Boules

French A classes ended a great year with individual presentations about summer vacation plans.  We then watched the ultimate French summer vacation movie: La Gloire de mon père, and finally practiced the classic game of BOULES or PÉTANQUE, as featured in the movie.

Bonnes vacances d’été!  I hope you all have fun and make memories, just like Marcel!


Jenga Exam Review

French B students reviewed vocabulary for our final exam today while playing Jenga.  Each Jenga block has a French number corresponding to a question they must answer to score a point.  Teams could win in two ways: by getting the most points in a round or when the other team toppled the game.

Rehearsal time!

French C Honors 8th graders rehearse for tomorrow’s health and sickness puppet show.  Our sock puppets are nutty nurses, crazy doctors, concerned parents, and French speaking children with broken limbs…among other issues….stay tuned for the shows!

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 1.45.20 PM.png


French A students reviewed the alphabet and the vocabulary for greetings with a match of “LICORNE!”.  Students compete to be the first to circle the correct word or letter/accent (as announced by the teacher or leader with the word in English, a clue, a picture, the letter pronounced in French etc.), always starting with their crayon in unicorn position and with the other hand behind the back.  Rules include “pas de violence” and “pas de disputes”, but sometimes things get just a little crazy.  The winner has the most correctly circled words in their crayon color at the end of the game.


We have spent some time over the course of several class periods working through a speaking challenge I’m calling GRIDS/LES GRILLES.  It has been a lot of fun and it has been an effective method to encourage students to use circumlocution if they don’t know a certain word.

screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-1-13-26-pm screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-1-13-09-pm screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-1-13-31-pm screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-1-13-15-pm

Students were given a grid with 9 squares, a set of crayons, and a folder to hide their paper.  I then described to them in detail what should go in each box of their grid, using various prepositions of location and adjectives to describe each item.

After modeling this example for the students where they had a blank grid and I had a completed grid (with the same picture in the center), I put them in partners and gave each partner one complete grid and one empty grid.  The empty grids had the same picture in the center as their partner’s completed grid.  They had to work through each grid together SPEAKING ONLY FRENCH.

As their homework assignment, I then asked each student to create a new set using vocabulary we have learned over the past two year.  They were to email me their work.  I then matched them into sets of two so that we could accomplish two each day with a partner.  I think the students enjoyed the creativity and looked forward to the day we did their grids.  It definitely got them back into the swing of French and served as a great vocab review too.