French B

I haven’t posted much this year.  Time has gotten away from me! I thought I’d share a quick idea for practicing ordinal numbers.  We had 10 minutes left in class on a Friday afternoon before a spirit assembly, so we had a paper airplane contest and wrote about the winners in order to practice the ordinal numbers we had just learned and review colors.   Luckily, I had a lot of scrap paper in different colors in my classroom.  I gave students exactly 2 minutes to fold their plane and then we all took aim at a circle I made with some string on the floor.  I then asked them to write 10 sentences about the winners and losers and their place in the contest.  I could have awarded prizes to the winners, but we didn’t have time.

“L’avion jaune clair est le premier”.

Ma Famille

We have been studying vocabulary and structures with the end goal of being able to describe the members of your family with hair/eye colors and other adjectives along with giving their age.  Students were put in groups and asked to imagine that they were all a crazy family.  Each of them came up with a character for that family and they wrote descriptions about each other.  Some decided to play the role of a family pet and so we had a dog, a cat, a parakeet, and a squirrel!



La météo


La Chandeleur 2018

French B students wrapped up some work on quantities and vocabulary about place settings by making the crêpe batter this year for all French classes to then make crêpes in celebration of La Chandeleur.

Défilé de Mode — Un-fashion show

7th graders ended their lesson on describing clothing with an un-fashion show.  Each team selected a theme and then each team member wrote a paragraph to describe his/her outfit and then another member of the team read the description as he/she modeled.





Les ours en papier

French B students practicing describing what people (and bears) wear…

Recherché! Wanted!

French B students practiced describing people using a variety of adjectives, hair and eye colors, likes, and languages spoken by creating imaginary WANTED posters.  They all did a great job.  Here are some cute ones along with their instructions.



La Rentrée — 7th grade is back!

French B student in 7th grade have been working on the names of family members using riddles to describe the family.  They started the week completing a puzzle requiring them to solve riddles such as: “C’est le fils de mon père et ma belle-mère”.  Mon demi-frère!


Jenga Exam Review

French B students reviewed vocabulary for our final exam today while playing Jenga.  Each Jenga block has a French number corresponding to a question they must answer to score a point.  Teams could win in two ways: by getting the most points in a round or when the other team toppled the game.

La météo

French B students were recently working on weather vocabulary and reviewing a variety of activities with the verb FAIRE.  Here are some skits that they performed before Spring Break.


Météo Skit 1

Météo Skit 2

Météo Skit 3

Météo Skit 4

Météo Skit 5

Météo Skit 6