Paper Bears

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.12.48 PMFrench B has just started a Unit about shopping and our first lesson includes clothing vocabulary. Today we practiced talking about what people (well….bears) wear by working as a whole class and also in smaller groups to describe clothing being worn.  First, I modeled for the students how to say what the bear is wearing (L’ours porte…). Students would describe to their classmates 5-7 items of clothing worn by the bear. All of the other students in the group or class would use the paper clothing cutouts to dress their bear.  Once the bear was dressed, another student would call back the correct outfit as a check.  We enjoyed giving the bear strange combinations of clothing and then all laughed, announcing “l’ours est nu” as he got ready for his next outfit of the day. #OOTD

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Monsieur Anderson drops by for some French

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French B students practiced vocabulary, grammar, and geography of French-speaking West Africa today with an activity designed to have them work together in teams to think about French in context as they solved a puzzle we call “Le Serpent”.


FRENCH B listening activity


Activité 1

Activité 2