Paris anyone?

Be on the look out for details about the upcoming Global Ed Trip!

Chanson de la semaine 2

Aïcha, a song in French by the famous Algerian Raï singer, Khaled.

Les Marionettes

French B classes created puppets today to practice the vocabulary for clothing and colors in French.  We will put the puppets into action in a project later in the Unit!

Une invitée

Today we had a special guest from Paris, Rose Komla, who came to talk to the French C classes.  All of the students did a great job welcoming her, asking great questions, and suggesting what she might do in Atlanta while she visits…all in French!  Guy S. found out they had something “en commun” as they both ran or run the 100 meter dash.  Rose even spoke a bit of Eve, the language of Togo, so the students could hear how cool it sounds.

Need a review?

Go to for extra grammar or verb practice.

Chanson de la semaine

Here is Sra. Jota’s favorite song in French.