“Cendrillon” movies in the making

Julien, Dominic, Bruno and Étienne prepare for their roles in their movie about a day in the life of “Cendrillon”.

Chanson de la semaine 8

Because we were talking about Martinique in Honors French, here is a song from Martinique…where a kind of music called ZOUK comes from. This term comes from the French verb secouer…to shake.

Au Bistro

Défilé démodé!

I am finally getting to post some of our un-fashion show from our clothing unit!  French B students model and read descriptions they have written about the outfits of their classmates.





Chanson de la semaine 7

The World Cup Soccer Theme Song for 1998…featuring Axelle Red, from France and Youssou N’Dour, from Sénégal.

Chanson de la Semaine 6

This is the theme song of Star Académie 2012, a Canadian reality TV series, aimed mostly at the Quebec television audience. People compete for the title of best singer. This song is very catchy and was a hit in Québec. Here are two videos. One has the lyrics and the other is the offical video.


The first 5 students who post a comment on my blog can come to my room for candy!

My summer work update

I thought some of you might be interested…As some of you already know, I taught English in the Dominican Republic for part of the summer, working primarily with children of Haitian origin through a grassroots organization called Project Esperanza.  I am also sponsoring one child so that she can attend school this year.  Because the Dominican Republic doesn’t recognize these children as citizens, their access to education is limited.  It only costs $100, and her tuition, books, and uniform costs are covered!

Here is 5 year old Clichie with her mom and sibling.

Click on the picture to find out more about Project Esperanza!


Chanson de la semaine 5

You may recognize this Sting tune, adapted here to fit an immigrant’s experience in Paris.


French A students practice new vocabulary about sports & activities with a game of Pictionary.