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All of the French classes took their hand at making French crêpes today.  Even Mr. Marshburn, prof de maths, came over to give it a try.

Joyeux Mardi Gras!

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Chansons du mois! WANITO

WANITO is a Haitian superstar who sings in Kreyol, the national language of Haïti. Kreyol (Créole) has many words in common with French but its grammar is very different. Still, if you listen carefully, you may hear some French words…


  French & Spanish students and teachers celebrated the end of the first semester with a party, called a “Boumiesta”, created from the Spanish word “Fiesta” and French word “Boum”.  We got together every period to sample Mexican “ponche navideño”, a traditional drink served in Mexico at Christmas time and a Fondue au chocolat.  Ponche Navideño includes exotic ingredients such as tamarind, sugar cane, piloncillo and tejocotes, a small yellow fruit from Mexico.  We watched Frosty le Bonhomme de Neige in French and Spanish as well.

Recipe for Ponche Navideño

Basic Recipe for Fondue au Chocolat


Au Bistro

les publicités

Television commercials we made in Honors French C.

Français B: DEVOIRS pour le 6 décembre

  This dog got in trouble!  Imagine the commands he ignored.  What did his owner tell him to do and not to do?  Post a combination of 5 affirmative and negative TU commands and Give him a name.

Chansons de la Semaine: Noël

Chanson de la semaine 9 — Victime de la Mode (MC Solaar)


Check out our Cendrillon videos here:

Voici Bruno, Étienne, et Keelie

Voici Olivier, Alice et Dominic

Voici Roxanne, Julien, et Delphine