le Yéti

French C Honors students read a children’s book called le Yéti, a sort of modern-day arctic Cinderella story and remade it into a puppet show.  In some cases, the students reimagined the story in a different setting.  Here are the results of about 4 days of puppet creation, script writing, editing, and rehearsal.  Please forgive grammar mistakes when le Yéti speaks. These are inspired by the book as Monsieur le Yéti hasn’t had Middle School French and his grammar isn’t perfect….

Le Yéti by Christine Naumann-Villemin, Marianne Barcilon (illustrations)

La solitude, quel fléau ! Même un yéti peut en souffrir. Alors, quand il découvre une belle botte perdue dans la neige… chouette, chouette, chouette ! Une formidable occasion pour descendre dans la vallée et peut-être rencontrer l’âme soeur ? Ou, à défaut, l’amitié ?


Sauvez la planète!


With our Isdell Center for Global Leadership Showcase this week, I’m finally adding a link to the videos 8th grade students created last semester at the end of our unit about the environment. Public Service Announcements to motivate people to make change.



8th grade French students have been learning about how to talk about their past and tell stories using and contrasting two different past tenses, le passé composé et l’imparfait.  One of our activities was to interview an older family member or teacher about his or her childhood and then to report to the class.  Here are some examples of student writing.

Au Stade

The day before Spring Break began, 6th grade French students brought in materials to have a competition to see who could build the best French soccer stadium.  Requirements were to include a certain amount of new vocabulary from our lesson about le football and to do some research about team logos and colors.  The projects had to be completed before the bell rang, so the race was on to complete the project in the allotted 45 minutes!

La météo


Stations on a Friday morning

French A 6th graders mixed it up today in three different stations as they reviewed for Monday’s quiz together.

Station 1 had them correcting their review packet and then practicing saying large numbers with the “Egg Game”.

Station 2 asked them to practice making questions with question words by rolling dice.  Students had the option to get creative and add something extra to their sentence for bonus points.  Students wrote their questions.

Station 3 reviewed vocabulary for telling time and subjects you study along with the verb avoir.  Students played a board game as they practiced.  Students said the answer aloud.


La Chandeleur 2018

French B students wrapped up some work on quantities and vocabulary about place settings by making the crêpe batter this year for all French classes to then make crêpes in celebration of La Chandeleur.


French C Honors classes have been practicing reflexive verbs, commands, and vocabulary for household chores.  They put together some scenes from the life of Cinderella.


Describing your classroom

French A 6th graders reviewed classroom vocabulary and prepositions of location today by describing crazy classroom scenes to partners who had to draw the descriptions they heard.



Où est Charlie (Waldo)? FRENCH A learns prepositions of location

French A 6th graders worked in small groups to create a photo project illustrating the correct usage of various prepositions of location. They enjoyed a rare opportunity to take their cell phones out of their lockers and go out on campus to take some photos, burning up some afternoon energy before MS Spirit Night.  Some of the results are adorable!